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APRIL 4, 2013   ISSUE 16



• New Products Showcased: The new RoadWorks "Mini" Led Light,
and our new Mojo Paint Protectant.

• Chromecrew site updates.


The RoadWorks "Mini" LED Light, now ready to ship to you!

RoadWorks Manufacturing is offering a new LED! The RoadWorks “Mini” is available with an amber lens and amber LED for front or side facing applications and a red lens and red LED for rear facing applications. These two wire lights are equipped with .180 bullet terminals and come packaged with a chrome bezel. The “Mini” is available for individual sale or installed on RoadWorks stainless steel accessories. Attractive anywhere, this light is especially well suited for applications requiring a narrow face light bar. Scroll down to view the RoadWorks “Mini” as featured on the RoadWorks 2013 show truck.

• Amber light: Part# MINIKITAA180
• Red Light: Part# MINIKITRR180

RoadWorks new "Mini" LED light. Amber light is shown. Also available in red.

Mini amber light

RoadWorks "Mini" on our new 2013 show truck...
...and look at that Mojo Paint Protectant shine. So shiny it almost looks wet!

2013 Roadworks Peterbilt 389 with Mini lights and polished with Mojo Paint Protectant
Mini light in front breather light panel

Amber "Mini" shown in a
Front Breather Panel.

Mini light in rear breather panel

Red "Mini" shown in a
Rear Breather Panel.

Amber "Mini" shown in a RoadWorks Sleeper Panel.

Mini LED Light in sleeper panel


RoadWorks announces the arrival of Mojo Paint Protectant, now ready to ship to you!

RoadWorks Manufacturing is proud to announce the arrival of the newest member of the Mojo family, Mojo Paint Protectant. Mojo Paint Protectant is a new product developed by RoadWorks designed to make polishing and protecting the painted surfaces on vehicles easier and with longer lasting protection.




Removes Fine Scratches

MOJO Paint Protectant is a a detergent resistant polymer formulated to clean, polish, and protect al painted surfaces. Mojo Paint Protectant works at the molecular level to smooth fine scratches, and remove swirls while providing a high gloss shine.

Mojo Paint Protectant may be used with an orbital buffer or DA polisher.

Use Mojo Paint Protectant On:

• Big Trucks • Autos • Pickups
• Motorcycles • RVs • Boats

Visit the Mojo Detail Products website at:

Mojo Paint Protectant

Mojo Paint Protectant
12 Ounce Bottle.
(Part# MOJO-20001)


1. The Chrome Crew site is updated with our newest show truck images.

The Chrome Crew website is dedicated to showing images and specifications for our past and present Roadworks show trucks. The website is up to date with all our trucks, including our newest, a gloss black 2013 Peterbilt 389, on a 280 Inch Wheel base, with a Cummins 600 ISX motor, 18 Speed Fuller transmission, and loaded with RoadWorks Stainless Steel Accessories.

For an image slideshow of our newest truck go to: The first time you view the slideshow, you will need to allow a small amount of time for the images to load.

2. Content updated on the Mojo Detail Products Website.

Our Mojo Detail Products line has been growing and our site has been updated to reflect the addition of our new Mojo Paint Protectant to the Mojo Detail Products group of products.

Note: If you stock Mojo Detail Products make sure to check the "Dealers" link in the menu bar at to see if you are in the list of dealers. If not, please email the RoadWorks grahics department at:, and we will be sure to include you in the dealer list so your customers can find you easier.


For more information about RoadWorks full line of Stainless Steel Products go to: or call Roadworks Customer service at
1-800-448-8741 to request a RoadWorks 2013 Catalog.

Made in the USA:
Roadworks Truck Accessories.


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