Sanded Accessories

Parts Sanded For Painting

RoadWorks now offers a Sanded Finish Option for those who wish to Paint or Powder Coat their parts. This is a course sanding that will not stay clean as a finish; however it is perfect for holding primer when coating the parts with paint.

  • Makes painting easier.
  • Most parts can be sanded.
  • NOT a decorative finish.
  • Add "/sand" to part numbers.

RoadWorks sander can accept MOST of our product line with a few limitations, call for details.

sanded drop visor

sanded accessory

sanded chop tops

In order to have your parts sanded for paint add "/SAND" to the end of a part number the same way you would add "/LED" to get LED Lights in your parts.

For Example: 35572/SAND is a Peterbilt Flat Top with door mounted mirrors blind mount visor, 2005 & Newer that will be sanded.

sanded accessory